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Convert your bike into an e-bike,

whenever you want, in few seconds

only with your hands.

the innovative electric bike assistant


BikesTail is your personal bike assistant, an electric portable device that allows you to convert your bicycle into an E-bike, in few seconds without any technical tools or particular skills.

BikesTail is very easy to use: you just need to load it on the rear rack, pull over the extension, fix the elastic belts, and it's done.

A Technical bag is supplied to contain your BikesTail and all the accessories, allowing you to bring your BikesTail everywhere or leave it protected and safe, waiting for the next use.

Enjoy your ride!

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Powered Tour


Go slow or go fast 
Just enjoy your ride!


Three way to ride for different sensation


  • Pedal sensor installed, just pedal, motor work while pedaling

  • Throttle installed, motor is finger responsive

  • Both installed great sensation