Patent Pending N. VR2014A000133

BikesTail is a portable electric engine for bicycle, that assist you while pedaling. Without the support of any tools or technical intervention, the device allows you to convert your bike from simple bicycle into a PEDALEC or an e-bike.

BikesTail is very easy to use: just load it on the rear rack, pull over the extension, fix the belts, and it’s done. All the accessories have been studied to be installed with no tools, just few seconds with your hand. You can choice to control the power with the throttle or the pedal sensor.

The aluminum box is the central unit, that includes motor, lithium battery and all the electronics components. Everything in just 5 kg. BikesTail is provided with all accessories that can be installed, supplied within a technical bag.

The device is very fast to put in the right position to work, as well as take out from a bike, ready to assist another biker.

All in accordance with our philosophy: Plug & Play.

Enjoy your ride !